Mark Stehling


My I introduce myself? I am Mark Stehling. In June 2019 I finished my education at the International Business College Hetzendorf

In my leisure time I explore computers and informatics. I often help people who have difficulties with these devices. You are also welcome to email me if you need technical assistence!
As a member of the "Arbeitersamariterbund Österreich" I assist in holding swimming and life saving courses.

Old content:
I am student at ibc-: Hetzendorf in class 3ABIK. I am good at working in a team. I am communicative, creative and inquisitive. Technology is one of my greatest hobbies. I have a well deserved reputation for dealing with technology. My Chinese teacher recently told me that she appreciates my quick apprehension. I am currently learning French, English and Chinese.

Feel free to contact me for any questions under my e-mail address: