Business Education

I graduated at the International Business College Hetzendorf (also referred to as "IBC").

Lessons of all business subjects as well as history and maths are held simultaneously in 50 % German and 50 % English. This type of business education (Handelsakademie) is unique for Austria, as IBC Hetzendorf features English native teachers from all around the world. Giving students access to different ways of expressing and pronouncing English.

The following subjects are tought this year:

  • Business Administration: How an enterprise works
  • Accounting: How to correctly calculate, use and interpret numbers in business
  • Business Training: Project management and Practice firms
  • International Marketing and Trade: Marketing and Trade on an international level, a lot of information studied in Business Studies an be applied here
  • Information Technology: Professional use of Microsoft Excel and Access as basic information technology knowlege
  • Business Behaviour: Correct and polite behaviour, with regard to cultural differences
  • Office Management: Mail and E-Mail correspondence using Microsoft Outlook, Word and Publisher, PowerPoint

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