I have a passion and talent for languages. I am very interested in human communication. Therefore I attended a bilingual school, to practice English on daily basis, directly from native speakers. I enjoy the quick switching languages (German & English). 


My mother tongue is German. Internationally it is considered a very complex language. In my opinion it is, that is why I like it. Because sometimes even a native speaker needs to rethink the grammar of a sentence, to make it fit perfectly.



Since the age of 10 I have been studying English at school, partly with native speakers. After two years I stopped learning vocabulary as I already knew most of them. I was filled with enthusiasm when I heard about bilingual schools. Although most people expected me to attend a technology school, I signed up at IBC and was unbelievably happy when I received my acceptance there.

Furthermore, I enjoy improving my English and getting deeper insights into the english-speaking parts of the world.



J'aime beaucoup le français. French culture and history interest me a lot. Therefore I enjoy learning French as with every language you learn you get deep insights into a foreign culture. French is taught at school as a mandatory subject, which I enjoy very much, although it can be hard sometimes.



When I heard about the Chinese New Year in early 2014, my fascination for the Chinese culture got even bigger. I always had a small interest in China. I signed up at a Chinese class at a community college. With a very nice native teacher I kept studying the language most people consider difficult to learn because of the chinese characters. Now, I study Chinese at school as a voluntary subject In fact, it can be difficult, but on the other hand there are some areas which are less difficult to understand than any other language I learned.

Many people ask me why I study this language. And my response always stays the same: "Why not?". As China is a huge country and has a fascinating culture and has huge influence on the global economy, it is always good to say "您好" to a chinese business partner.